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 Painted Dunes 10-04-2009

Painted Dunes

 Catmel Beach 03-28-2009

Catmel Beach

 Between the Moon and San Francisco 06-19-2008

Between the Moon and San Francisco

 Scared Earth 03-09-2008

Scared Earth

 Lava Falls 03-01-2008

Lava Falls

 The Crown 12-23-2007

The Crown

 Autum Watch Tower 10-20-2007

Autum Watch Tower

 The Lion and the Eagle 10-14-2007

The Lion and the Eagle

 Horseshoe Bend 10-13-2007

Horseshoe Bend

 Walton Lighthouse 09-23-2007

Walton Lighthouse

 Mono Lake Moonset 07-01-2007

Mono Lake Moonset

 Generations 06-11-2007


 Smallville 06-10-2007




 Down the River 05-19-2007

Down the River



 Multnomah Falls 05-17-2007

Multnomah Falls

 Fossil 04-30-2007


 Alien world 04-21-2007

Alien world

 Mannequin 04-20-2007


 Stage 04-20-2007


 The Chasm 04-19-2007

The Chasm

 Balcony II 04-19-2007

Balcony II

 King of the Hill II 04-18-2007

King of the Hill II

 Mision de Soledad 03-31-2007

Mision de Soledad

 Painted Ladies I 03-28-2007

Painted Ladies I

 Point Bonita 03-22-2007

Point Bonita

 Montara Lighthouse II 03-14-2007

Montara Lighthouse II

 Eureka Dunes VII 03-10-2007

Eureka Dunes VII

 Morning Shower I 02-18-2007

Morning Shower I

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