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My Personal Favorites

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 Dantesque 02-18-2007


 Golden Trails II 02-16-2007

Golden Trails II

 Newport Pier Sunset 02-15-2007

Newport Pier Sunset

 Point Lobos II 02-02-2007

Point Lobos II

 Ice Islands 01-21-2007

Ice Islands

 El Capitan 01-20-2007

El Capitan

 Of Bird and Man 01-08-2007

Of Bird and Man

 Rockaway I 01-08-2007

Rockaway I

 Blue Creek 12-28-2006

Blue Creek

 Salt Pool 11-24-2006

Salt Pool

 Ray of Light 11-18-2006

Ray of Light

 Pigeon Point Light House 11-04-2006

Pigeon Point Light House

 Sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge 10-27-2006

Sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge

 Forbidden Hike's Reward 10-26-2006

Forbidden Hike's Reward